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An Excise Tax is imposed on cigarettes and other tobacco products. Be aware: Since Code Section 12-60-470(C) only allows the taxpayer legally chargeable for the tax to use for and obtain a refund (with sure exceptions), refunds can’t be issued to distributors who bought tax-paid cigarettes from another distributor who paid the tax to the SCDOR on their Cigarette Tax return. (Generally, the distributor who first obtained untaxed cigarettes in South Carolina is, by law, the individual legally chargeable for the tax and the only one that can obtain a refund for Cigarette Taxes).

1. If the amount of counterfeit cigarettes bought or possessed with the intent to promote is less than two cartons or the equivalent, the tremendous for a first violation shall not exceed $1,000 or five instances the retail worth of the counterfeit cigarettes, whichever is larger. A subsequent violation might outcome within the imposition of a wonderful not to exceed $5,000 or 5 occasions the retail worth of the counterfeit cigarettes, whichever is greater, and shall lead to revocation of the retail permit by the division.

Cigarette Tax Bonds, An Overview

Alaska levies a tax on cigarettes and tobacco products which might be imported or transferred into Alaska. b. Except a cigar has already been or can be subject to the wholesale gross sales tax imposed in subsection a. of this part, if a distributor or wholesaler uses a cigar inside this State, there is imposed upon the distributor or wholesaler a compensating use tax at the charge of $2.70 for each cigar.

Sec. 15. Any one who shall fail to soundly maintain and protect the records required by Sections 11, 11a, 11b, and 11c of this Act for the interval of 3 years, as required therein, in such manner as to insure permanency and accessibility for inspection by the Department, shall be guilty of a business offense and may be fined up to $5,000.

A distributor shall not affix, or trigger to be affixed, any stamp or imprint to a bundle of cigarettes, as supplied for in this Section, if the tobacco product manufacturer, as outlined in Part 10 of the Tobacco Product Producers’ Escrow Act, that made or sold the cigarettes has failed to change into a collaborating manufacturer, as outlined in subdivision (a)(1) of Section 15 of the Tobacco Product Manufacturers’ Escrow Act, or has did not create a certified escrow fund for any cigarettes manufactured by the tobacco product producer and bought in this State or otherwise didn’t bring itself into compliance with subdivision (a)(2) of Part 15 of the Tobacco Product Manufacturers’ Escrow Act.

What Is A Cigarette Tax Surety Bond?

Any business or particular person promoting, storing, or delivering cigarettes in the Metropolis limits of Auburn must pay a tax equal to 2 mills per cigarette. Producer representatives may sell, on behalf of licensed distributors, stamped original packages of cigarettes to retailers who’re licensed underneath Section 4g of this Act. The producer representative shall provide the distributor with a signed receipt for the cigarettes obtained from the distributor. The distributor shall bill the licensed retailer, and the licensed retailer shall pay the distributor for all cigarettes supplied to licensed retailers by manufacturer representatives on behalf of a distributor.

1. A person shall not settle for an order for a delivery sale unless the particular person first obtains a license as a retail supplier.

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An Excise Tax is imposed on cigarettes and other tobacco merchandise. Wholesalers – $200 per annual permit 12 months from March 1 by last day of February of following year. Wholesalers who promote cigarettes and tobacco products must obtain a permit for each car used – $15 per annual licensing period.